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McKnight Printmaking Fellowship Exhibition

Jan 20 - Mar 18, 2023
Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Minneapolis



The work below was on exhibit at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis January - March of 2023 for my McKnight Fellowship exhibition. 

I am interested in exploring biodiversity within the scope of climate change and the impact (large or small) on the natural world. Using light and shadow as a metaphor of life, this series is about the careful balance of an ecosystem for all things existing within it. I use photography and printmaking techniques to explore shadows of natural forms diffused through fabric and printed on translucent kozo papers. Nature is reduced to simple shapes and colors revealing only the silhouette of the plant or tree. Differences between species are camouflaged, leaving one to admire the beauty and simplicity of the shadows, finding commonalities between forms.

Stories of Ebro

I wanted to work with fabric more directly, using it as a means to capture the light and shadow of the plants and trees. I continued to develop this research during an artist residency in Spain, May 2022. In the video below you will hear the sounds and see the movement that became an integral part of my work for this McKnight Fellowship exhibition.

I used video to document and record the natural song and shadows present at the Ebro river headwaters in the Cantabria region of Spain during my artist residency in May 2022. Using fabric and my camera, I captured the movement of the various species of plants and trees. All sound is natural and kept in sync as it was experienced in person with the shadows. For the installation, I brought the same fabric used in the documentation of the work as a means of its final presentation. One is left to wonder: are we inside looking out, or outside looking in? The fabric acts as a play between our domestic lives and our relationship with nature. Revealing our existence within this planet, the shadows portray the careful balance of our ecosystem.

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